How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster (4 Easy Steps)

How to make Memory Foam Expand Faster

Memory Foam is everywhere right now; It is affordable and very comfortable. If you are a light sleeper and share your bed with someone, and you don’t want to feel your partner’s movement around, then Memory Foam is the best possible option that keeps the feeling of motion away from you. One of the extraordinary qualities that make memory foam unique is that it retains its shape back once the pressure is removed.

Memory foam takes some time to get back to its leading position when you get up, and it saves your sleeping position for the time being. That’s why this Mattress is called “Memory Foam,” or there is another name for it too, and that is “Slow Recovery Foam.”

NASA first designed this Mattress to prevent astronauts from getting hit in space ships because there is no gravity in space, so this Foam helps them in a way. That makes them perfect in the medical sectors, too, especially in exams requiring patients. These foams are being used in cushioning wheelchairs, helmets, and mattresses for those with posture problems. This Foam absorbs every single point and holds it there.

Moreover, Memory Foam is expandable because it comes compressible rolled in a box. Usually, the time it takes to come back in its shape entirely is 72 hours. But we can’t wait for too long, so in this article, we’ll be guiding you step by step How to make your Memory Foam expand faster?

How To Make Memory Foam Expand Faster

STEP 1: Open Package Carefully

Open the package carefully so you may don’t harm the Mattress. If you are trying to open it with scissors or a knife, you have to be extra careful.

In case you don’t like the Mattress, it would be hard to return the damaged Mattress.

STEP 2: Expand Mattress on Floor

Now you have opened the package, open the folds of the Mattress carefully on the floor.

Expand the Mattress on the floor and now let’s move toward the next step. In case you might apply too much force, then you will damage the Mattress inside.

STEP 3: Increase the Room Temperature

Suppose you want your Memory Foam to expand faster than you have to adjust the room temperature at 20°C (68°F) because cold blocks the Mattress to expand. If the room temperature is high, then it will expand faster within 4 to 6 hours.

You may use fan heaters to expand the Mattress. Keep the fan a little away from the Mattress in case it will not burn the Mattress.

STEP 4: Heat Sensitive

Roll on the Mattress for a few minutes to make it expand faster. Ask kids to jump on the Mattress and let them play how much they want on the Mattress. And the Memory Foam Mattress is incredibly heat sensitive. It will expand automatically to its form after in contact with your body heat. It will help the Mattress to expand faster without any trouble.

Benefits of Memory Foam

  • Memory Foam provides pressure relief because this Foam is the slowest response material, and there is no push back against the body, so you sleep in comfort in your sleeping hours.
  • This Mattress conforms to your body perfectly. It ensures that you fit in perfectly, and the Mattress is in direct contact with your body.
  • Memory foam is easy to compare with other brands.
  • This Foam has a slow, soft, and quicksand feel. You may slowly sink into the Mattress. This Mattress uses your body heat to soften, and it molds according to your shape.
  • Side sleepers with pain issues check out Memory Foam.
  • This Mattress uniformly distributes your body weight and saves you from spinal, neck, shoulder pain.
  • This Mattress is best if you are having trouble while sleeping.
  • These mattresses are very comfortable with many health benefits and very comfortable.

 Types of Memory Foam Mattress

Moreover, there were many complaints regarding the strong odor that comes from this Foam. If you have a memory foam shoe, you know how smelly it can get from your feet sweat. Thanks to the technology, this problem was solved by introducing air-cooled memory foam and Gel Cool Memory Foam

 Air Cool Memory Foam

The mattress has a ventilated layer full of air pockets that helps to release the heat from your body instead of absorbing it like traditional ones.

Gel Cool Memory Foam

The Gel cool memory foam has tiny gel beads inside those air pockets with air tech surround support. It helps the Foam to release heat. Basically, it helps the Foam breathe. It also tends to be stronger than traditional Foam providing better support to aching bodies.


 What are the health benefits of having a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory Foam mattress relieves pain, helps to improve sleeping patterns, saves the body from soreness and aches by providing maximum support to your body. It prevents allergy symptoms and helps you to sleep better.

What are the pros of Memory Foam Mattresses?


  • Motion Isolation.
  • Relief Pain
  • Conforms to Body
  • Easy To Compare
  • Noise Reduction
  • Temperature Control Support

What are the drawbacks of having a Memory Foam Mattress?


  • Slow Response
  • Heat Factor
  • The odor of the Foam
  • No Waterproof

How can long Memory Foam Mattress last?

Memory Foam mattresses can last longer than traditional mattresses. A memory foam mattress can last for 12 to 14 years. It depends upon your care as well and can last longer.

 How can Memory Foam help reduce pain and discomfort?

If you are suffering from spinal injury or joint pain or are suffering from arthritis, then Memory Foam Mattress is the best option. It offers the best support because its shape conforms to the body. This leads to the best support for muscles and joints and helps in sound sleep. Memory Foam mattresses are designed to support the body and relax your body and help your body relieve pain, and you’ll experience more restful sleep that was going to last all night long.

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If you haven’t bought a mattress, then Memory Foam Mattress is the best choice. It quickly gets back to its position and expands very easily within a few hours by just following the steps mentioned above. It will help you sleep tight with its sinking down mechanism without being disturbed by your partner if you are sharing a bed.

 This mattress lets a strong chemical smell when it is new, and that smell can cause nausea, headache, and itching. So, it is recommended to wait for a while because this smell goes away after exposure to air. Let the Foam breathe for 24 hours before using it.

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